Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Black and grey

Spring is finally here! How i wanted for this day to come ;)
And for the upcoming perfect sunny days, the perfect sunglasses!
I was in the search for the perfect black and silver sunglasses for such a long time and finally found them! I'm absolutely in love!
You need to check Seen Opticians, and you'll find gorgeous eyewear, here i'm wearing the Garret Leight Wilson M frames, such a classic round shape, perfect for summer as they are extremely low weight, i don't even  feel them in my face.
I always get bothered by glasses during summer because the heat makes me sweat a little on my face and my sunglasses are always drifting off my nose, this one are so light that stay in place, do you struggle with that too, or is it just me?

Tuesday, February 20, 2018



 Burgundy will always be one of my favorite colors.
And tgis sweater is, for sure, one of my favorite at the moment, first of all because i absolutely love the color, then because, well turtleneck! I'm crazy about simple, basic turtlenecks like this. They are the chicest thing ever, and look good with literally everything.
Off course i would have to pair burgundy with black, such a classic, but i also love to see it with camel or beige, it's so 70s, i cannot wait to put up a look pairing this sweater with camel.The sweater is from SheIn and you can find it here
The vintage blazer that i'm wearing here has this thin stripe in the exact same tone of dark red/burgundy as the sweater. I love vintage pieces like this because they are so unique and you rarely see other person wearing the same as you? Don't you love that about vintage pieces?

Monday, February 19, 2018

Sporty in red

A classic combo of red, black and white. This was my favorite combo when i was a little girl and i remember wearing it a lot.
Lately i've been felling the sporty vibes and it's so comfy to walk around in sneakers that i'm starting to wear them more and more.
I think is really look effortless chic to pair sneakers with an oversized sweater.
This sweater is from Romwe and you can find it here, it's perfect for the upcoming season as it is not too chunky or warm, it actually perfect to wear during spring and the vibrant red color screams for sunny days (or is it just me? i can't deal with the cold weather any more ;)

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Warm brown

I absolutely love this shades of brown, or orange, you name it. This brick colors are absolutely my favorite for such a long time now, and this are the tones of make up i wear everyday, on my eyes and also on my lips, so i think it really looks cool when i wear clothes within this bronze, light brown, chestnut colors.
How chic can a simple turtleneck be? I'm surrendered to the simplicity of a turtleneck for ages, and and this passion keeps on growing. 
This one is from Romwe and you can find it here, if you're into the sweater (because it is actually perfect for this upcoming weather) but you're not so much into the color, it comes in a wide range of colors, you'll find one you love for sure.
The boots are from Prof and you can find them here.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Floral dress

Wearing a floral print just cause i need spring ASAP! And also because it's so gorgeous.
I already talked to you about how i usually don't wear over the knees, unless they are really beautiful and styled in a chic but not sexy way.
Well here i am wearing some tight highs and i love them, but i love to wear them in looks lie this, with a vintage vibe and pretty much all covered up, i'm all buttoned up 'til the neck, wearing long sleeves and a dress that is not very revealing or tight, like this i love to wear over the knees because it wont turn to cheap or too sexy.
I'm wearing In the Style from head to toe, both the dress and the boots are from In te Style and you can find the dress here and the boots here.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Plaid suit

This suit tho!
I'm absolutely in love, firs of all because i love 2 piece pantsuits, then i'm such a sucker for plaid, then i'm the biggest fan of black and white, and i could go for an entire day.
Both pieces are sold separately, but i absolutely love how they work together as a suit, but even if you are not a fan of suits this plaid blazer couldn't be more trendy right now, and it looks great with denim, leather, black jeans... pretty much everything.
I really like to wear suits like this down, with a casual pair of sneakers to wear on a daily basis, but i'm not gonna lie, i can't wait to wear it with my knitter sock boots too.
The entire suit is from In The Style, you can find the blazer here and the pants here

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Oversized sweater and over he knee boots

Black and camel, such a classic combo and one of my favorite for sure.
I'm not one that loves over the knee boots, i think they tend to look too sexy and that's not the vibe i'm going for, but one i saw the ones i'm wearing here, i fell head over heals. First of all because they are not the usual sexy boot, they are more on the wide side, then because the quality is just great, and because i loved the heel and the square shaped front. I think they have such a cool vintage vibe, and they look awesome both with jeans, black trousers or skirts/dresses. I'm actually in the search for the perfect black mini dress to go with them, but i love them so much that i never find the perfect dress to go with them.
This over the knee boots are from Prof and you can find them here